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Governor Cuomo arrived at the Genesee Valley Agri- Business Park in Batavia this afternoon where he announced the arrival of HP Hood to the Town and their plans to expand the facility and its workforce.

Much of the information Cuomo provided was already uncovered by local news outlets within the past few weeks, however the Governor cited the perseverance of local and state officials in procuring a new tenant and investment for the facility.

"We originally had started working on development with the Mueller yogurt company which was owned by Pepsi. And this is a repurposed facility.  But Genesee County and the state of New York stayed at it, they had vision. They had tenacity, and they have taken this facility, the facility’s actually now going to be more developed, and more sophisticated, and create more jobs, and in some ways actually do more for the dairy industry."

During a question and answer period Cuomo was asked how this deal differs from the previous owner Mueller Quaker several years ago.

He managed to side step the question doubling down on his previous disclaimer that half of all businesses fail within the first five years and only a third remain after a decade.

Cuomo reassured that the collaborative efforts of Hood and local government has the fundamentals in place to make it successful partnership.

"But the trick is keep the fundamentals sound. Keep taxes low, stay pro-business, sell, sell, sell because every state is competing for businesses. And they don’t come knock on your door, you have to go knock on their door. And, be more aggressive and keep the fundamentals in place and you will find a second company and a third company and a fourth company. But, it takes effort and that’s what Genesee County did and that’s what the Empire State Development Corporation did."

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