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The monster snowstorm, that wasn’t, left more cancellations in its wake than actual snowfall.
All Genesee County schools were closed today, along with GCC. A number of local businesses did not open their doors this morning, either.
CLICK HERE for a complete list of closings and cancellations.
But as far as snowfall, Genesee County got only about five inches across the board.
Meteorologist Dan Kelly with Buffalo’s National Weather Service says that’s quite a bit less than we thought.
"The track of the storm was a little further to the west - across Canada," Kelly tells WBTA. "We were anticipating higher amounts across Western New York, but actually the higher amounts were over eastern Ontario."
Snowfall isn’t over yet though. Another system is expected to move through this evening, bringing more of that snow/sleet mixture we’ve been seeing.
"We can expect scattered snow showers across Genesee County; maybe this afternoon, up to an inch or inch-and-a-half," Kelly says. "And then a couple tenths to an inch this evening."
But at least for now, the monster snowstorm…is more of a mouse.

More reaction from local politicians today after Governor Cuomo’s State of the State address.
The governor yesterday unveiled a budget plan that cuts statewide spending by nearly 3-percent.
That includes cuts of over 2-and-a-half billion dollars to both education and Medicaid.
But local Assemblyman Steve Hawley says there’s one glaring omission – state mandate relief.
"I didn't hear anything about mandate relief," says Hawley, who was in Albany for the budget presentation. "And this two-percent property tax cap that he mentioned, will not work - nor will I support it - without the state pulling back their mandates.
"When he talks about cuts in education,"
continued Hawley, "without mandate relief, all that does is put the school boards and administrators and teachers in a bind."
The governor continues to work towards a property tax cap, and the Senate just passed a bill regarding that cap.
Meanwhile, state worker payroll will be cut by $550-million in the next fiscal year. That could mean that almost 10,000 people will lose their jobs, if unions refuse to make concessions.
Governor Andrew Cuomo says the layoffs are a last resort only if an agreement can't be reached.

Three Batavia men have been arrested for allegedly beating up on another guy with a metal baseball bat.
The Genesee County Sheriff's Office revealed today that the three turned themselves in last week.
They were arrested in connection with the attack back on December 16 at the West End Trailer Park.
The victim in the beating suffered facial and back injuries.
Charged with a felony court of Assault in the Second Degree are: Anthony Loverdi and Steven Maltese, both 41 and 42-year-old Paul Loverdi. Anthony and Steven were jailed in lieu of $2,000 bail. Paul was locked up in lieu of $10,000 dollars bail.
The three will return to court later this month.

Two local schools are apparent winners in the Pepsi Refresh project.
Subject to a check of the final votes, both Batavia's Robert Morris Elementary and Byron-Bergen Elementary schools will each receive a grant of $50,000. According to the unofficial results, Robert Morris finished 6th in the nation in the $50,000 bracket, while Byron-Bergen came in 8th in their first try at the contest.
Both schools plan to use the money to construct new playgrounds.

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