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Area Congressman Chris Lee was in Washington last night to hear President Obama’s State of the Union address.

Obama touched on his major goals as of late: education, jobs in innovative industries, and clean energy spending.

Lee says the talk was good – it’s the walk he’s not so sure about.

"The President always gives a good speech; he's a good orator," conceded Lee. And that's where the praise ended.

"(The speech) was a lot of rhetoric...definitely short on details," said Lee. "He talked about setting a spending freeze at 2010 levels - frankly, that's just window-dressing."

Lee says to do so would lead the country down a "path of destruction." He says he's proud of a bill that just recently passed in the House, which would freeze spending at 2008 levels instead.

Lee says the President needs to get more specific about how the government will create jobs.

"The government can't create jobs, unless you're talking about the federal government itself," he said. "But they can create an environment in which the private sector feels comfortable to go out and invest their hard-earned dollars."

Lee says his number one priority is reforming the nation’s tax code, which he calls antiquated and time-consuming. He says that will lead to job creation by freeing up people to pursue the creation of that friendly environment.

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