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Ronald Wendt has a new prison sentence – but it doesn’t mean he’ll be getting out any earlier. Wendt was back in County Court today for what was called “re-sentencing.”

Court officials were actually correcting a procedural mistake.

Wendt was originally convicted on 11 charges for his drunken crash in 2009, which killed 18-year-old Katie Stanley of Dansville. One of the counts was 2nd-degree Assault. For that conviction, Wendt was given an "indeterminate" sentence of two-and-a-half to seven years. Indeterminate means Wendt could serve any number of years within that range, and be eligible for parole.

But the indeterminate sentence is not allowed for 2nd-degree assault in New York State.

Wendt was instead today given a determinate sentence of 2-and-a-half  years in prison. He’ll still be eligible for parole next year.

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