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Genesee County Sheriff William Sheron and Jail Superintendent William Zipfel ran down the list of current issues facing jail operations to members of the Genesee County Legislature during yesterday’s Public Service Committee meeting.

Maintaining cost control of the jail has been an increasingly difficult task with an aging jail population, frequent mental health issues, drug use and female incarceration.

Sheron said a new jail facility would address many of the larger concerns.  “The biggest thing that pops right out is your not transporting female inmates across western and central New York..that's huge.  Then you've got your inmates right and the only transport you have is from the jail to courts basically because when you have a new facility you'll have the medical unit and so forth that you can put those individuals in.”

Sheron added that recently inmates have needed transportation to facilities as far away as Wayne and Steuben Counties.

Sheron also indicated that new regulations set by the Correction’s Commission are complicating drug contraband issues and require more resources to deal with inmates under the influence of opiates.

Both Sheron and Zipfel believe a new jail facility would help ease many of the problems and unwanted costs plaguing the current jail operations.

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