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Ever wish you’d come up with that one invention that changed the world?

A new business in Batavia is working with inventions like that, every day.

First Wave Products Group, LLC, based in the Upstate Med-Tech Center near GCC, is a business that fosters inventions into marketable products. Their first large-scale venture is currently being sold in the medical field – and it’s flying off the shelves.

The device is called the First Crush. It crushes medicinal pills into a fine powder, for easy consumption by patients who can’t swallow a whole pill.

First Wave CEO Brian Bell says the First Crush has filled a big void in healthcare.

"We (in the U.S.) have much higher numbers of people over 65-years-old, and then also we're using prescription pharmaceuticals much more frequently," says Bell. "The combination of those two (factors) has led to 6.5-billion pills each year being crushed in long-term care facilities in the United States."

And until now, all of those pills were being crushed by hand. But the First Crush allows nursing homes and hospices to save up to one hour per day by speeding up the crushing process.

Brian Bell says the First Crush is just one example of what First Wave Products Group does – taking inventions from nearby university research centers, and making them a reality.

"The inventions from the universities typically have several unanswered questions," he says. "They're either technical questions...or business questions, that need to be resolved.

"Our goal is really to help answer those and move the projects or those companies to a point where they can really stand on their own."

First Wave’s next project involves a more efficient hospital respirator.


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