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Genesee Justice has its director back – just in a lesser role.

Ed Minardo, former director of the county’s Criminal Rehabilitation and Victim’s Advocacy program, is back on the payroll at Genesee Justice, mere weeks after he sacrificed his job and salary.

Minardo was originally let go so that Genesee Justice would remain budget neutral – that is, not cost any additional money to operate.

County Manager Jay Gsell explains the loophole that allowed Minardo to keep working.

"The Sheriff's Department, as part of their 2011 budget, had three part-time positions included in the Genesee Jusitce division," Gsell says. On January 1st, two of the positions were vacated.

"When the opportunity came about," says Gsell, "one of the part-time positions was offered to, and accepted by, Mr. Ed. Minardo."

Minardo now works part-time for Genesee Justice: 19.5 hours per week, with no benefits, as a supervisor for Leandra’s Law DWI felons.

Genesee County Sheriff Gary Maha says even in the part-time role, Minardo is a valuable employee to have.

"Ed, of course, is familiar with the programs, and with the DWI program," the sheriff tells WBTA. "He's already had his background investigation completed, he's already been just makes sense that if he was was interested, we'd hire him.

"It's a win-win situation for us."

The Sheriff says Minardo has been instructed that he is not an administrator; the program’s assistant director continues to “run the show.”


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# Janice McFollins
Friday, January 14, 2011 4:09 PM
I am very glad to see Mr. Minardo returned to the Genesee Justice Program. When I read the article about how the program was able to survive, I was at first stunned, but then knowing Mr. Minardo and his heart and passion with this work, was not surprised and very proud of him. I worked with him at Orleans Correctional Facility; he as a Senior counselor and myself the Diciplinary Hearing Lieutenant. I joined him on some of his committees and we worked very well together, although on opposite sided of the fence. Sacrificing his job as the Head of Genesee Justice was a very selfless act, but so very much the type of person Mr. Minardo is. We are very fortunate to have him on our work force in Batavia.

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