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You’ve heard the phrase “more money than God.”

But this year, it would appear God’s coffers are a little more empty – or so the story goes for the Catholic Church in Western New York.

The Diocese of Buffalo today announced a$ 10.5-million goal for Catholic Charities fundraising in 2011. That’s the same goal as last year.

Catholic Charities director, Sister Mary McCarrick, says that money is sorely needed as her department is in the midst of a financial crisis.

"In every single area, requests for services have increased," she says. "In all the counseling areas, waiting lists are longer. And at the same time, we are experiencing cuts in grants, cuts in government programs that have funded us. We've had to let staff go...which simply creates longer waiting lists and more people in need."

Last year’s campaign ended up 2-percent short of the $10.5-million goal.


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