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Property owners in the city of Batavia are looking at a 1.6-percent increase in taxes if the proposed budget is adopted by city council.
City Manager Jason Molino authored the spending plan. It is estimated to cost the average homeowner another $13 a year, based on a home assessed at $80,000. Molino commented:

"This is a marginal increase considering the increase in state mandates in terms of retirement costs which are several hundreds of thousands of dollars over two years. There has also been a decrease in sales tax revenues. Both result in a $1.2 million shift in revenues and expenses."

City Council will now review the budget, they can add or subtract from it. The budget must be adopted by the end of March.

There is a provision in the proposed budget to bring back a position at city hall that was eliminated just a few years ago.
The budget includes a $10,000 contribution from city coffers to fund an Economic Development Coordinator.
Most of the $55,000 to $70,000 proposed annual salary for the position would be covered by the Batavia Development Corporation. That’s the semi-private agency that administers low interest loans and grants to new businesses.
City Council President Mary Ann Clattenburg says it’s a creative way to fund an important position:

"This is a different approach. We needed to think outside the box to form partnerships within the community. We have the prospect of having the position filled without the traditional funding source being entirely borne by taxpayers."

The city eliminated the position of Economic Development Director a few years ago as a cost cutting measure.

Here’s positive economic development news that required no government intervention.
Batavia’s Graham Corporation has landed $4million worth of new work in just two projects.
The company has announced a pair of orders for ejector systems that will be installed in oil refineries in the United States and Canada.
Graham says it has booked almost $17.8 million in new orders during its quarter that ended last month.

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