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Collins appeared on CNN last night where he made a vow to never cut funding towards Meals on Wheels, something that goes against President Trump’s proposed budget which calls for all federal funding to be pulled from the program.

Collins was quoted as saying “it’s a wonderful program,” and that he would "never even vote to cut one dollar from the program."

Ruth Spink director for Office for the Aging in Batavia, which facilitates the Meals on Wheels program locally, is hoping that Collins will stick by his vow to avoid the dire consequences.

Spink said, “If we lose this federal funding it would have a massive impact, not only in our county but across the entire country.  It would effect a number of individuals and I don't know what the answer would be to try and help them if they did not have this.  Many, many more would end up being institutionalized because there are no other programs out there.”

Spink estimates approximately 75 percent of the funding for Meals on Wheel is federally sourced.

Congressman Collins received criticism from 8 regional Democrats for the CNN appearance who issued a statement before he even entered the TV studio.

His opponents maintain he is still dodging his WNY constituents and continue to call for his replacement in the next elections.   

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