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Lawmen are back in Corfu today, still looking for leads and witnesses in a bank robbery that shook the small community yesterday.

A white man of average build, in his late-twenties or thirties, reportedly walked into the M&T Bank branch on the corner of Routes 33 and 77, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and jeans. His face was obstructed in some way. He apparently handed over a note demanding cash, took the money, and ran off on foot.

Now, County Sheriff’s Deputies are looking into footprints, witness accounts and surveillance tape to try and track the robber down. In a new development, Undersheriff Bill Sheron says cell phone records could prove very important.

"We're working with cellular phone companies to track down any phone usage in that area, between roughly 12:00pm and 2:00pm," says Sheron. "There is some indication that the suspect may have been using his cell phone while in the area."

Surveillance photos from the scene are expected to be released later today. Check back here throughout the day; we will be posting those photos as soon as they are available.

Meanwhile, as the investigations continue in Corfu, we’ve received word that the robbery there was just the latest in a series of robberies at M&T Bank branches throughout Western New York.

Around the same time a hooded man was pulling off the heist in Corfu yesterday, another suspect in Amherst apparently walked into an M&T Bank in Amherst. He handed a note to the teller, grabbed a bag of cash, and escaped as well. Lawmen in Amherst are now investigating whether this man is behind another robbery at the same M&T branch in December.

Additionally, the investigation continues into the robberies of two M&T branches in Buffalo last Friday. Those robberies occurred about 15 minutes apart.

Genesee County Undersheriff Bill Sheron says it doesn’t look like the same criminal is committing these robberies.

"Surveillance videos from those (robberies) don't seem to match the suspect that we have," he said.

Calls to the FBI about the possible relation between these crimes were not immediately returned.

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