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The community fund is beginning for Genesee Justice.
The Genesee Justice Foundation held its first meeting a week ago. Nine community members were in attendance, and now hold the future of Genesee Justice in their hands.
The local Criminal Rehab and Victim’s Assistance program suffered a reduction in the new county budget. Director Ed Minardo surrendered his job and all other employees took a pay cut.
To keep it going for the future, the Foundation will need to raise funding. They’ve already gotten started - an anonymous local attorney has donated 2-thousand dollars to get the project off the ground.

A Byron man has been sentenced in federal court to 2 years in prison for distributing drugs in Genesee County.
45-year-old Kenneth Munnings was convicted back in July of Conspiracy with Intent to Distribute several illegal drugs, including methamphetamines, cocaine, and marijuana. Munnings was apparently getting the drugs from a supplier in Rochester. A 2-year wiretap investigation on Munnings’ household led to his arrest.
Munnings will also have to pay out a 500-dollar fine.

A guilty plea on a forgery charge may mean up to 10 years in prison for a Batavia woman.
55-year-old Deborah Dutton pleaded guilty to a felony Forgery charge in federal court yesterday. Dutton admitted that she forged nearly 100 checks and skimmed over 85-thousand dollars for herself, off of her Batavia employer.
Dutton faces a 10-year prison term, a quarter-million dollars in fines – or both. Sentencing is scheduled for April 11th.

You knew New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg was in support of that controversial proposed mosque near Ground Zero.
Now, e-mails released to the media show the Bloomberg administration provided extensive help to the group that wanted to build that mosque. Administration aides drafted a supportive letter to the community board which was voting on the project. Another e-mail shows the Immigrant Affairs Commissioner expedited a temporary public assembly permit allowing the group to conduct prayers at the site.
In a statement, the Bloomberg administration said that the help was no different than that provided to any organization and that "this kind of assistance is typical of its regular work."

Bills fans are getting a Christmas gift this weekend thanks to a local restaurant owner.
This Sunday's game against the New England Patriots will air on local television because the game has officially sold out. Restaurateur Russell Salvatore purchased the remaining tickets and plans to give them away to military and youth groups in the area. The Bills have been plagued by several television blackouts this season.
Russell Salvatore is the owner of Salvatore’s Italian Gardens Restaurant, and the Garden Place Hotel.

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