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The State Comptroller’s Office has audited the LeRoy Central School District, and found over $2-million  that they say could be used to lower the tax levy.

Auditors say LeRoy consistently over-estimates expenses and under-estimates aid and revenues. Over the past four years, that has led to an operating surplus of over $4-million. The largest example was the special education program, in which spending was overestimated by $1.5-million over four years.

The Comptroller’s Office recommended that LeRoy Central adopt a better financial management policy, and develop, quote, “revenue and appropriation estimates for the annual budget that are realistic.”

In their response, LeRoy’s board and superintendent acknowledged the findings – but vowed to continue what they call “conservative budgeting.”


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# Alisa Dickson
Friday, December 24, 2010 12:31 PM
This is absolutely unbelievable!!
I have printed and read the audit report and it talks of many 'funds' that are set up with EXCESSIVE monies in it and the Board of Education barely acknowleding a single problem!!
As our taxes get raised year after year, they are sitting on our money and not being responsible!!

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