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Genesee County government has released the results of an outside report on the County Nursing Home.

Rochester’s Center for Governmental Research gave the county a detailed report on the Nursing Home after several months of study. The result: the Center says the county should keep the Nursing Home, at least for now.

There had been some speculation this year as to whether the County would sell the home, and County Manager Jay Gsell had been directed to look into the sale as a possibility. But the Center says now is not the time to sell public properties. And as far as saving money, they recommend downsizing the on-site Adult Home, and expanding Adult Day Health Care Service.

County Manager Gsell readily concedes that the Adult Home has been sapping the County dry for years.

"Many other counties have separate facilities (for their Adult Home)," says Gsell. "It's very difficult because those (Adult Home) residents are actually, under New York's legislation, defined as inmates. So they don't qualify for the typical funding streams that are involved in long-term care."

Gsell says Adult Day Health Care can be a money-maker.

"It is, in terms of both the level of care that's provided - because it's a medical model, not just a social model," says Gsell, "and that helps for a higher reimubursement for the six to eight hours for someone to (work) at our facility. Also, it provides what we call a "continuum of care" in the community that, more and more, is becoming part of the standard of how people stay independent and stay in their homes."

Of course, this is all tied in to the tight county budget. County Legislature must make a final decision on a new budget by tomorrow evening.

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