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The 271-day streak is coming to an end.
271 days without snow, that is, and with several inches of white stuff in the forecast, Batavia will most likely be under a wintery blanket by tomorrow morning.
Kirk Apsfel with the National Weather Service tells WBTA the lake effect machine is ready to kick into high gear.
"We had a cold front cross the region early this morning," Kirk reports, "and that's ushering in colder air across the warm lakes, which will generate some lake effect snow. The most intense bans will probably develop late afternoon to early evening in the Batavia region."
Apsfel says Batavia and Genesee County will average about seven inches of accumulation. Wyoming County could see up to a foot of snow.
But it won’t be around too long – the snow is expected to begin melting late Sunday into Monday.

Door-buster deals at Batavia’s big box stores – it is Black Friday across the nation, and Genesee County is no exception.
At 4:00am, the Target store was one of the first to open on Batavia’s west end. And as the rains fell and the winds blew, with temperatures just 3 degrees above-freezing, John Asbach of Grand Island, New York was first in line. What was he after?
"A 40-inch TV," John shivered out. "It's actually not for me, it's for my brother. He said he'd buy me Starbucks if I got it for him. So that's why I'm here, it's a surprise for him."
John says this is the first time he’s ever waited it out on Black Friday – and he and his girlfriend just did it on a whim.
"We kind of made a spontaneous decision. We said, 'Yea, it'll be fun, it'll be an adventure,'" John said. "So we came out here at 8:30pm. And (the weather) was really not this bad the whole time."
John’s girlfriend is an employee at the Target store, she got inside at 2:00am, leaving John out in the cold to fend for himself.
The line at Target was nearly 1,000 people long when the doors opened at 4:00am. All the way at the back was the Scott family of Elba. Janice Scott, along with her daughter Kelsey and son Dan, were waiting with friends.
This was Kelsey’s first Black Friday, which she says was just "for fun." Kelsey compared the line to ones she's encountered at Disneyland.
Mom Janice is more the seasoned veteran.
"This is a tradition for my friends and I," she says. They've been doing it for five years: shopping, then breakfast. As far as which is the better part: "That depends on the sale," Janice says with a laugh.
The big items this year: flat-screen televisions, Apple iPods, and E-readers – that’s an electronic device on which you can read an entire book.

WBTA is a proud member of Downtown Batavia’s Business Improvement District; we want to remind you that tomorrow is the Small-Business Saturday shopping day, and you can shop locally to find the perfect gift at many downtown businesses - many of whom proudly sponsor WBTA.

The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle holiday campaign kicks off today.
Salvation Army captains Robert and Patricia Kurtz join local luminaries at Batavia’s GO-ART headquarters at 12:00pm to begin the bell-ringing season.
The gathering is at Seymour Place on the corner of Bank Street and East Main.

A Rochester police officer is recovering from falling down a flight of stairs after a pit bull charged him.
It all started at about 3:00am early Thanksgiving morning when officers responded to a call of a man stabbed on Portland Street. The victim suffered non-life threatening injuries and told police the attacker was inside an apartment building. Officers went to the apartment, and that's when the dog came charging out. Investigators say the dog tried to bite one of the officers who fired a shot and then fell down the stairs. The dog continued after the fallen officer, who then fired two more shots, killing the animal.
Police say the officer was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital for a minor back injury. The stabbing suspect has not yet been found.

The Caledonia-Mumford High School Football team will play for the Class D state title today against perennial power Tuckahoe from Section One. The game is at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse. Game time is 12:00pm.

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