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The busiest shopping day of the year is just around the corner.
Already, stores are on high alert for those looking for the five-finger discount.
K-mart in Batavia is boasting the bust of two suspected shoplifters.
21-year-old Meagan Finzer of Albion was detained by K-mart cops but instead of waiting for real lawmen to show up, Meagan allegedly fled.
Batavia City Police stopped her a short time later.
And 18-year-old Michael Cofta of West Main Street, Batavia, was busted for allegedly boosting merchandise from K-mart late last night.

A hunter survived a fall into the Zoar Valley gorge in Gowanda thanks to a daring rescue by State Police. 
The search and rescue team rappelled down a cliff yesterday morning to save 18-year-old Andrew Carriero of Gowanda.  Carriero was separated from his group earlier that day and suffered a serious head injury when he fell.  A helicopter search team spotted him later in the day and several rescuers stayed with him while the helicopter left to refuel.  However, the weather prevented the chopper from returning.  Rescuers with Carriero thought they might have to spend the night but troopers were able to lift Carriero out in a basket.  Two of the rescue workers with him were treated for possible hypothermia.

A deer hunter in Orleans County is dead after falling from a tree. 
Sheriff's deputies say 58-year-old Michael Haffly was trying to install a tree stand in a wooded area near Telegraph Road in Murray.  Police estimate it was a 15-foot fall.  The exact cause of death is pending autopsy results. 

It's been more than a year since Rochester resident Deanna Dudek was reported missing and later found dead.  Still, Livingston County authorities continue investigating what they call a homicide.  Dudek was last seen on November 14th of last year.  Her body was found on May 6th in a creek in Nunda, some 60 miles away from her home in Rochester. 

Governor David Paterson set the agenda for next week's special session in Albany.  Paterson is calling on legislators to create a plan for the New York City Off Track Betting Corporation, cut spending for the 2010-2011 budget and appropriate funds received through the federal education jobs program.  Not all legislators have confirmed that they'll be attending the Monday afternoon session.

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