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Mary Pat Hancock, the Chair of the Genesee County legislature, delivered ther annual State of the County address tonight. The 42-minute speech summed up significant county issues from 2009 and took a cautionary look into the new year.

Hancock  said the county achieved one of its primary goalslast year: no increase in propetry taxes. But she also warned, "the fiscal crisis is far from over," and it will be increasingly difficult to meet expenses with existing revenues.

Hancock, a Republican representing the Towns of Batavia and Stafford, devoted a large portion of her address to the financial strain placed upon taxpayers for the operation of the Genesee County Nursing Home. Hancock said the county taxpayer subsidy of the home has increased from $591,000 in 2005 to $2.8-million in 2008. The legislature has discussed hiring a consultant to study options for the future of the nursing home including the possible sale of the facility. A consultant has yet to be hired for the study.

Looking to the future, Hancock saved her crticism for the state government. "The way our state budget is assembled and passed must be changed," she said. She sounded a familar refrain of local government officials across the state that Albany must provide the funding for mandated programs carried out at the local level.

The entire text of Hancock's address can be downloaded here.

Genesee County Legislature
Chair Mary Pat Hancock, seated center
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