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The Batavia City Council has put the brakes on the potential sale of the city owned ice arena, at least for now.
The council voted 5 to 4 last night to shelve the idea of getting a formal appraisal on the building and instead wait a month…and consider other options.
Ward One Councilman William Cox said the issue is over ownership of the rink
"We should be concerned with vital services and not burden taxpayers with anything that is not vital. All of us want to have an ice arena. We all know the value of it to the community and to our kids, and it draws people to Batavia. We're simply saying we shouldn't own it as taxpayers. That's all."

But City Council president Maryanne Clattenburg disagreed:
"I've always seen this (the ice arena) as a community asset, something that was built by the community to be used by the community and maintained by the community. People do pay taxes. That's my opinion and I still feel that way. There is a concern that down the road there could be expenses, but for now most are happy with the way the rink is being operated, but we should keep our options open."

Council is expected to revisit the ice arena question, next month.
Also last night, the council introduced a local law that will increase dog license fees. The proposed ordinance will be the subject of a public hearing on November 22nd.

The Batavia woman accused of smuggling drugs to her son in the Genesee County Jail has plead guilty.
60-year-old Kathleen Catino of Seven Springs Road will avoid jail time if she stays out of trouble until her sentencing in January.
Catino was originally charged with possession and sale of drugs and promoting prison contraband.
She was accused of sneaking drugs to her son - 39-year-old Cain Catino – who was being held on a robbery charge for trying to steal drugs from the Oakfield Family Pharmacy.
Pharmacy employees foiled that attempt when they tackled Catino and held him for police.

A Livingston County couple has been charged after their two-year-old child wandered away wearing only a diaper.  Police in Geneseo say the little girl was picked up by a Good Samaritan on Saturday afternoon when the temperature was about 40-degrees.  Police say the child directed the driver back to her home where police say the Samaritan saw the father throwing things and cursing at a five-year-old.  The mother and father, Amber and Brian Sanders, were both charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

In his first public appearance since election night, Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo spoke out at a conference in San Juan Puerto Rico Monday. 
Cuomo sat side-by-side with current governor David Paterson. 
Cuomo said his first priority is hiring people for his administration and also said New York leads the nation in education spending, but is not getting its bang for the buck. 
The United Federation of Teachers says New York Ranks near the bottom on how fairly school funds are distributed and wants Cuomo to address the problem.

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