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It’s going to be another month before court begins for the five young men accused of shooting at a mosque in Orleans County.

District Attorney Joseph Cardone reports today that the case for the 17 and 18-year-olds has been pushed back to December 6th.

"After having spoken with the defense counsel and the U.S. Attorney's office, there's still a few matters we want to look into and talk about, before we dispose of the cases," says Cardone.

18-year-olds Dylan Phillips, Jeff Donahue and Anthony Ogden, and 17-year-olds Tim Weader and Mark Vendetti are the young men implicated in the crime. They are all from Holley. The group is accused of disrupting a Muslim religious service by driving back and forth in front of a mosque in the Town of Carlton, honking horns and yelling. Worshippers say it happened several times in late August. On at least one occasion, the suspects are accused of shooting at the mosque

Cardone could not confirm that any of the accused will accept a plea deal in the case. He is also not aware if any of the accused are planning to go to trial.

Cardone did say the adjournment was not brought about by any change in the prosecution’s case.

"Our position continues to be...that (the accused) acted in violation of the law," says Cardone. "We are not backing off on that."

The adjournment is nearly a month because th District Attorney only visits the Town of Carlton on a limited basis.

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