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In Livingston County, it’s a scam that banks on bailing out kids.

Livingston County Sheriff John York reports today that several residents in his county have been hit by a telephone fraud, which involves fake calls coming from Canada.

"These people will call up," says Sheriff York, "and they'll say, 'Hello, is this so-and-so? I'm calling about your grandson.' And then the (victim) that answered the phone will say, 'My grandson Bill, or Bob or Tom or Dan?' And the caller will say, 'Yes.'

"Now they've got these (victims) hooked to make them think they're talking about their grandson - and (the victims) gave the caller their grandson's name."

Then, the caller claims that the grandson has been arrested, or involved in an accident. The caller demands that a large sum of money be wired to them immediately to cover bail charges or hospital bills.

Sheriff York says the calls are always illegitimate.

"Real law enforcement does not solicit money by telephone," says York. "Legitimate solicitors do not do telephone solicitations."

If you receive any suspicious phone calls and wish to report them, you can call your local Sheriff's Office, and they will verify if the call is indeed a scam.

Otherwise, says York: "Just ignore the call, and hang up."

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