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When you lose it all in a house fire, your life is turned upside-down.

That’s been the case for Joe Allegue of Batavia, after his East Main Street apartment was destroyed by fire just 10 days ago.
Allegue was the man who alerted everyone in the building to get out. Now, he’s looking for some help getting out of the aftermath. Allegue says help was promised by many – but it’s come from few.

Allegue says his landlord won’t give him back the rent he paid before the house burned down.

"He told me that he had an apartment that we could go and look at it," says Allegue. "I went to Oakfield, looked at it, and I said 'Yea, we can probably do something.'

"He had the audacity to ask me for a security deposit, two days after the fire where we lost everything."

Allegue says his landlord won't even put the back rent towards that security deposit.

The Department of Social Services apparently offered to help him and his live-in fiancée – by splitting them up.

"Their answer to me was, 'Oh, yeah, we can put you in a room, but we'll ship her off to Buffalo to a shelter," Allegue claims.

Joe and his wife-to-be were living at the Holiday Inn, courtesy of the Red Cross, but for only two days. They had to move out because they could no longer afford the room. Now they’re living in Oakfield with his fiancee’s daughter and son-in-law.

Joe is injured and tied up in court over worker’s comp payments. His fiancée is partially disabled from a stroke. Neither one is currently working.

"It's been a bad year altogether," says Allegue tiredly. "But this...this was the straw that broke the camel's back."

Allegue says he just wants to know who to talk to.

If you are the person Allegue can talk to, or you know someone who can, please call us at (585) 344-1490, and we'll get you in touch with the Allegues.

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