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LeRoy Police have arrested a local store employee and charged her with 12 felony counts.

37-year-old Deanna Leach of Leicester faces 11 counts of felony 2nd-degree Forgery alone. Police say that while working for a local business, Leach took gift cards off the shelf on several occasions – and made them out to herself.

Police Detective John Condidorio explains.

"These cards, as they sit on the shelf, are not worth anything," says Condidorio, "until you activate them.

"Well, she would take these cards and activate them - in fact creating a commercial instrument; something worth money. And then she would go ahead and use the card."

Leach also allegedly failed to log those gift cards in the business log. She’s also been charged with Falsifying Business Records. She is now under the supervision of Genesee Justice.

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