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By now we've all heard the audio clips or seen the video of gubernatorial-hopeful Carl Paladino's spat with New York Times reporter Fred Dicker. The two men had a shouting match over the following issues:

Dicker says he wanted to validate Paladino's claim the opponent Andrew Cuomo had extra-marital affairs; meanwhile, Paladino alleges that Fred Dicker sent out a photographer to snap pictures of Paladino's ten-year-old daughter, conceived out of wedlock.

The "Showdown at the Sagamore" has created a firestorm of opinion; now, we want to hear yours.

Did Carl Paladino legitimately threaten the safety of Fred Dicker? Does Fred Dicker have a right to commission a photographer to snap pictures Paladino's family - or did he even do it? Was Paladino's reaction to Dicker's questions overstated and over the top? Do you think Fred Dicker, as he said earlier today, would pursue similar answers from Andrew Cuomo if this situation were in the Cuomo camp?

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# Jennifer D
Friday, October 01, 2010 9:31 AM
Did he threaten Dicker? Yeah, but I think everyone is blowing it out of proportion. People think he means the worst. Paliadino could have meant a lawsuit or other charges that may cost Dicker his job. I think Paladino had a right to be angry and he said what ANY father would or should say. I would rather have a govenor that is willing to stand up and say what needs to be said, than tiptoe around the politically corect arena.

Think about that 10 year old little girl having photographers rushing at her to snap pictures! If celebraties get outraged as adults being hounded by photographers, what do you think that child felt? How about the lack of ethics that Dicker has to either commission a photographer to take the pictures, or if he didn't, use the pictures that a photographer may have obtained independently.

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