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Snow showers continued this morning across Genesee County. Accumulations generally an inch or less.
The snow follows heavy rain yesterday that swelled some local creeks, but the flood watch that had been issued for Genesee County has been lifted.
The level of Tonawanda Creek at  Batavia stood at 8.4 ft at 5AM. Flood stage for the Tonawanda at Batavia is 9 ft.

Batavia’s projected 3-percent property tax increase has been cut in half.
The council adopted amendments last night to the tentative city budget that result in a property take rate increase of 1.5-percent.
The savings comes mainly from a $150,000 dollar cut in the city’s contingency budget.
City Manager Jason Molino termed reducing the contingency budget, "a moderate risk" noting that city police officers are almost certain to win another pay increase in arbitration. Contingency funds have been used in the past to cover unanticipated expenses.
A public hearing on the tentative budget and a 2 and a half percent increase in water rates has been scheduled for February 8th at City Hall.
A final budget must be adopted by the end of March.

The Batavia City Council rejects the recommendation of their own fire chief and says no the use of ALS trained firefighters to respond to emergency medical calls.
Most city firemen are ALS (Advanced Life Support) trained. Fire Chief Ralph Hyde proposed allowing ALS firemen to answer emergency medical calls along with Mercy EMS, the city’s new ambulance service.
But City Council voted 8-0 to deny the chief’s plan.
Council President Marianne Clattenburg said council wants the fire department to do to focus more on code enforcement, fire prevention and education. "We don't want our firemen chasing ambulances," Clattenburg said.
According to Chief Hyde ALS response by city firemen would cost the taxpayers nothing, and when Mercy EMS ambulances are busy, the difference in response time could, "save lives," Hyde said.

A 15-year-old Batavia girl, not seen since last Friday, has been located.
Batavia Police put out an alert yesterday afternoon for Stephanie Cooper.
Two hours later the alert was cancelled. No further information was released.

A Buffalo man will spend ten years behind bars for cutting off part of another man's nose during a drunken bar fight.  51-year-old David Call got into it with 36-year-old Billy Bryant over a woman.  Call left the bar and returned with a two-foot ceremonial sword and sliced off Bryant’s nose.  Surgeons were able to reattach it.  Call apologized in court and says he does not recall the alcohol-fueled attack.

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