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Ruth Harvie is one of a kind.

Sure, she's lived in LeRoy for 64 years, met her husband there ("Running around in one of those brown uniforms all the young men were wearing then," she says), and she now works as a tour guide for the world-famous Jell-O Gallery Museum.

But what really makes Ruth her own person is her sense of humor. Like when I asked to interview her:

"Oh, okay," she says. "I'll be sure to say something intelligent and exciting."

Or the time I visited the Jell-O Gallery during my Museum Monday series. "Boy, listening to you on the radio, I sure thought you were taller," she said.

I'm 6-feet, 2-inches tall. Ruth is just barely about 5 feet.

Fitting then that the lady who knows most of the village was named LeRoyan of the Year. Of course, somehow, Ruth had no idea.

"They called my daughter, and she came and got me out of a meeting - I was in church," she recalls. "Went up to the American Legion, and Katie Stone met me and she said 'Ruth, you're the LeRoyan of the year.

"I was flummoxed," she says with a chuckle.

Ruth tells me she's honored to be in the elite company of the other "LeRoyans of the Year." And she says it's humbling.

"If loving LeRoy makes you the LeRoyan of the Year, well then I fill that bill," she says. "Because I do love LeRoy. I've been here 64 years and it just gets better all the time."

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