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Many Genesee County Republicans throw their support behind Carl Paladino for governor.
Genesee County GOP Chair Richard Seibert, surrounded by a host of GOP loyalists, announced his endorsement of Paladino today.

Speaking on the steps of the Old County Courthouse, Paladino recognized agriculture as Genesee County’s number one industry and how, as governor, he would support local farmers.

"If the farming's going to expand, and they illustrate to us that they will reinvest their taxable profits back into the busisness, we're going to give them a tax holiday.  We're going to share that cost with them, and it's going to be done equitably and fairly."

Paladino has petitioned his way into the Republican Primary against former congressman Rick Lazio.

He plans to halt the mosque project at Ground Zero.

"I'm saying that as of January 1, I don't care what state the project is in, I will stop it.  And I will use what ever legal means I have available to me to stop it.  It's an affront to the American people, it's an affront to the families that were lost at ground zero."

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