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Scott Doll will go to trial in the fall for the case against him of Promoting Prison Contraband.

Doll appeared in Batavia City Court today for continuance of the case. He was transported in from a downstate prison. Doll is accused of attempting to sneak powdered aspirin into the Genesee County Jail the day he was convicted of murder. Officers with the jail say they found it in a green balloon taped to his buttocks.

Outside of court, Doll’s lawyer Dan Killelea, said he thinks Doll will be cleared:

"He obviously has a right to a trial," said Killelea, "and he looks forward to exercising that. Despite the fact that he feels, and I feel, that he was wrongly convicted (on the murder charge), he's still clinging to a hope that the system works. And I think he'll be exonerated after a trial."

Jury selection is scheduled for November 15th with the trial to follow.


Meanwhile, Killelea says life in prison has not been easy for Doll. As a former corrections officer, he apparently receives foul treatment from other inmates – which forces him to be in protective solitary confinement. And having been convicted of killing another former corrections officer isn’t helping his case with the prison guards.
Killelea says Doll has been spit upon, had things thrown at him, and is regularly verbally harassed.
However, he has no complaint so far of physical abuse.

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