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For a dog who was found in such a dire state of emaciation, the brown and white pitbull lights up around people.

That’s what volunteers at the Genesee County Animal Shelter who have been nursing Foxer back to health say about the dog owned by Nina Kelso.

The 29-year-old Hutchins Street resident is being prosecuted for mistreating Foxer for allegedly failing to provide him proper food and water. Foxer was found extremely malnourished in February and the case has been pending ever since, leaving his fate undetermined.

“The dog will not be up for adoption until the subject voluntarily signs it over to the shelter,” Animal Control Officer James Sheflin says, “or the case has been resolved.”

That’s made the recovering pitbull a little stir-crazy, as most of his days are spent in a crate.

“In the kennel I think he gets a little bit of anxiety, but as you can see, as soon as he gets around humans he's happy and ready to go,” Sheflin said. “I can't speak to how he was before we got him -- whether he had a lot of human contact before -- so I don't know if it's a separation anxiety type thing.”

Foxer can’t go to a foster home, either, because he’s considered evidence. He does get a daily walk and an occasional joyride in the car.

Sheflin says Foxer has gained 26 pounds since coming in as he recovers from other maladies, such as “huge, gaping wounds” on his shoulder – the product of lying in one place for an extended period of time. Sheflin says Foxer underwent surgery for the wounds and they have healed nicely.

“He’s happy and healthy. He’ll kiss anyone on the face,” he said.


Another dog abuse case involving Lauren Pellegrino of Batavia is still pending as well, Sheflin says.

Nessa was brought in a few weeks before Foxer and looks much improved and is happy and comfortable around people.

Photo of Foxer on Feb. 4 via our news partner, The Batavian. You can see a current picture of him here:

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