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A motorcycle operator and passenger have sustained serious injuries in a collision with a deer.
It happened on West Main Road in Batavia, just before 3 o'clock this afternoon. A blue two-seater motorcycle apparently collided with a rogue deer while moving at a relatively fast pace.
Investigator Timothy Weis at the scene says the riders were badly hurt.

"(The collision) took them both off the motorcycle," said Weis. "They continued to roll westbound."

The victims rolled approximately 20 yards from the collision site, and came to rest on a ramp in front of The Oil Doctor business. They were transported by Mercy EMS ground ambulance to County Building Number 2, where a pair of Mercy Flight helicopters transported them to area hospitals.

A bystanding employee of The Oil Doctor tells WBTA that he heard the accident and went outside the business to see what had happened. According to him, the victims did not move and were unresponsive to EMT's administering medical attention.

PHOTOS: top, a Mercy Flight helicopter takes off with one crash victim while the other waits for a second patient; inset middle, a County Sheriff's Deputy investigates amid remnants of the crash; bottom, deputies and State Police on the scene. The deer at right lies about even with where it was hit on the roadway - the victims rolled to the second ramp beyond the deer. At length at middle, the motorcycle is on its kickstand

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