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An arrest warrant has been issued for the owner of the seagull infested Latina's Supermarket property for failing to appear in Batavia City Court.

The warrant calls for the arrest of Thomas Lewin of Amherst, the representative for LKLWL Properties, the listed owner of the building.

Lewin had been summonded to City Court today to answer saniation charges filed against the property owners. The public and business owners have complained for several weeks that unsanitary conditions exist from flocks of seagulls that have been allowed to roost on the building.

City Manager Jason Molino said today the city would actively pursue the owner of the property and "bring him before the court to rectify the Latina's issue."

In court this morning, lawyers for the mortgage holder on the Latina's property, obtained an estimate from a company for cleaning up and site and presumably ridding it of the gulls. The quotation from Pest Rx is for $16,600. The mortgage holder has no legal responsibility in the matter, court officials said.

UPDATE: 12:50pm  by Geoff Redick

Franklin Heller, attorney for mortage holder IPTV-B-C45 LLC., says his client, though holding no responsibility, wants to actively help clean-up Latina's.
"My client would like to be a part of the solution to the problem," said Heller.
"One: an immediate short-term remediation; and then a proposal for remediation that would have a longer-term effect to keep the birds away."

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