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It may be the beginning of the end for Downtown Batavia’s bird menace.
A pest control company, hired by the owner of the former Latina's building, was on-site downtown earlier today, analyzing the seagull situation on the roof.
Jeff Wiater is the manager of Pest RX.

"We're going to need to address some issues in the building, and then work on clean-up," says Wiater. "And then the next step would be exclusion to keep them from coming back. We don't have any eggs up there that we've found, so far. It's going to be basically a landing the building's going to exclude it in its own right - help prevent them from coming back. If the area is clean and there's no water, then there's no reason for them to go there."

Wiater says it will take some time before the seagulls are gone.
Tom Lewin, manager of LKLWL Properties in Snyder, hired Pest RX after pressure mounted from local business owners and media outlets from here to Buffalo.

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