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A tractor trailer strikes a house at Bethany’s Suicide Corners.

It happened at the corner of Route 20 and East Road at about 3:30 this morning. There was apparently a lot of drifting snow with the Wind Advisory in effect overnight.

Tom Douglas was upstairs sleeping when the crash occurred.

“We just heard a big bang, a big smash,” he said. “It didn’t sound like a car wreck and the house shook a lot. We just jumped up. I thought a part of the tree came down since it was windy last night. Then I came out, came to the front window and I could see the tractor trailer. I could see car lights in the yard and it’s like, ‘Oh crap, here we go.’”

Douglas, who says it’s the second time his home at the intersection has been hit by a vehicle, says it looked like the big rig with an empty trailer jackknifed coming down the hill.

Douglas says in this case it was just bad luck caused by the weather conditions.

“He could have crashed 50-feet down that way or 100-feet up that way,” Douglas said. “He just happened to get caught in the snow and around it came on him. It was slippery.”

This is the same location the state Department of Transportation proposed installing a roundabout and lowering the road to reduce accidents. Residents voiced their opposition and instead more prominent signage is going to be installed.

The DOT says the intersection has been the scene of 36 accidents since 1998, three of them fatal.

There were no reported injuries. About a 10-by-10 foot corner of the home was damaged.

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