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Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C,I-Batavia) today passed a resolution in the Assembly honoring former Assemblyman Charles Nesbitt, who received the Distinguished Flying Cross for his actions as a 20 year old helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War. Hawley, who succeeded Nesbitt in the Assembly, spoke of his heroism and the reasons why his Distinguished Flying Cross is well deserved.

“It was a humbling honor to speak about Charlie’s heroics during the Vietnam War. His life is a shining example of service and sacrifice on behalf of his country, and I hope that as his successor, I have fulfilled that legacy,” said Hawley. “The Distinguished Flying Cross is one of the highest honors a pilot can receive. It is our duty to make sure that the story of his heroics is told so that future generations may be inspired to serve their country.”

Nesbitt’s heroics occurred on November 14, 1968, when he was tasked with extracting a Special Forces unit out of Laos. Under enemy fire and with one chopper in the force crashing in the jungle, Nesbitt picked up the crew and left. However, it was soon discovered that one man, John Grimaldi, had been left behind. Though low on fuel, Nesbitt turned his helicopter around and successfully rescued Grimaldi under intense enemy fire.

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