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Batavia City Manager Jason Molino has revealed his budget proposal for next year.
Molino’s 16.6-million dollar financial plan reduces the city’s property tax rate by 3-cents per thousand.
But it also calls for increased spending.
Molino has proposed hiring an Assistant City Manager, a post he eliminated several years ago in a cost cutting move:

"I think now that the city is on a more stable financial footing we are in a position where the council is looking to take on initiatives that are going to help progress the community forward, such as quality of life issues and neighborhood improvement. In order to provide these services, you need the staff to do it."

The Assistant City Manager salary has been pegged at between $63,928 and $77,694.
Molino wants the city to actively pursue participation in a Community Rating System for flood insurance. This could significantly reduce flood insurance premiums.
He has also proposed a "neighborhood sweep" program patterned after a program in Buffalo:

"A neighborhood sweep would involve closing down a street so no one can go in or out until we are able to blanket the area. We would work with the residents to identify nuisance areas, houses and tennants. We may serve warrants, perform probation checks as well as address property code violations..
It will be led by the police department but will include all city departments."

Molino has also proposed a couple of high-tech initiatives such as installing free Wi-Fi in areas such as Jackson Square.
He also wants to install a free charging station downtown for electric cars and post signs for the facility from the thruway as a means of attracting visitors downtown.

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