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If you’re one of 18 percent of Genesee County residents who has not re-registered to receive the basic STAR tax exemption, your time is running out.

Although Dec. 31 is a soft deadline, officials say it’s really in residents’ best interest to register for their primary residence as soon a possible. State information indicates 82 percent of county residents have re-registered.

It comes down to losing out on hundreds of dollars from the state up for grabs. In the Byron-Bergen school district, for example, residents can save $730. In Pembroke -- the lowest amount in the county -- residents can still save almost $590.

It’s a one-time re-registration done through the state after it realized $13 million in fraud.

“They’re trying to catch instances where people are erroneously receiving STAR exemptions in more than one municipality that they shouldn’t be getting,” Kevin Andrews, Director of Real Property Tax Services in the Genesee County Treasurer’s Office, said. “Obviously at the state level they want to have the overall capacity to check through the entire state as opposed to how it had been always implemented in the past with each town doing things individually.”

If your household income is less than $500,000, go to or call (518) 457-2036 to re-register.

Here how the money breaks down in Genesee County school districts via state information:

  • Alexander - $664
  • Byron-Bergen - $730
  • Batavia - $664
  • Elba - $621
  • LeRoy - $715
  • Oakfield-Alabama - $673
  • Pavilion - $655
  • Pembroke - $588
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