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The Start-Up NY initiative goes into effect Jan. 1. That’s the law that allows upstart businesses or ones looking to make significant hires to relocate near SUNY campuses where they can operate virtually tax-free for a decade.

According to the publication Buffalo Business First, the University at Buffalo is already releasing a draft of its campus plan including sites where companies could move in.

So what’s going on at GCC?

Spokesman Richard Ensman says, frankly, there’s nothing new to report. Unlike UB which circulated a draft of its “campus plan” at a recent Council meeting according to the Business First report, GCC is taking its time to review.

“We are still learning about the program,” Ensman said. “We are becoming aware of the rules and regulations surrounding the program. At this point there are no specific high-tech or manufacturing businesses that we’re working with, but we hope that as we move into 2014 and 2015, if there are potential businesses that would relocate here in Western New York and specifically around our Batavia campus, we’d certainly be open to working with them.”

GCC has a lot of open space in the 200,000 square feet surrounding its campus to attract Start-Up NY tenants. It even has the infrastructure in place with the Med Tech Center right across the road.

Business First reports UB is seeking companies that fit with its academic mission. SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher says today that 1,100 companies have inquired about the tax-free zones. Cuomo and supporters call it an economic driver.

Ensman says GCC should have more to announce in the next few months.

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