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The husband and wife involved in a confrontation with a police officer will serve time in jail.

Donald and Elaina Mead will each serve six months, Judge Robert Noonan ruled in County Court today.

The incident occurred in June of 2012 on Maple Avenue in LeRoy where Deputy Matthew Butler put son Michael under arrest. Things escalated from there where, according to court documents, Donald slammed the door on Butler several times causing minor injuries. Outside the house, the altercation continued when Elaina brought out a kitchen knife and held it to Butler’s chest.

Judge Noonan agreed that the two have extremely strong family ties based on the outpouring of support, but said they created a dangerous situation. Judge Noonan said an important family lesson is to let police officers do their jobs, though he did say he was "not naive enough" to think that officers were always correct.

The couple was also sentenced to five years probation.

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# Amanda
Thursday, December 05, 2013 11:48 AM
Elaina n Don are two respectful people and didn't deserve anytime. There are two many stories about what happened on Father's Day of 2012. I wish people would take the time to just read all the different stories.
# Rae
Thursday, December 05, 2013 2:43 PM
It was horrible what this family had to go through.
For over a year back and forth to court. Their lawyers
Were public defenders. The evidence they spoke about
In court for example the officer didn't know he had a knife to his chest
until the lady officer told him. The male officer believed the door was wooden
It wasn't. They were told over and over the cops words were golden
They were lied to and brought back to court until finally they took the deal. Their were multiple different stories from the officers. The family had previously made complaints in the past against the leroy police. It's just not good to have people sitting in our jails well the tax payers fit the bill when most are innocent anyway. I you want to help the economy figure out a way to stop putting people in jail clearly based on lies! Their was no warrant when the officers entered their home but I guess that doesn't matter to people anymore. It was the second time they came to question their son.
# Rae
Sunday, December 08, 2013 2:34 PM
The couple was promised the same deal.
The judge said he rejected her plea.
Elaina mead withdrew her plea.
Elaina and Donald were heavy medicated
(Prescription drugs) both had several health problems
They were brought back and fourth to court for over a year.
Elainas plea was renewed by the judge from the previous time
She pleaded. I believe at least they should have went over her rights again
To make sure she understood what she was pleading to.
Donald had to pay restitution. Elaina did not.

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