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Stan’s Harley Davison is installing solar panels at its West Saille business. They’re hoping it will reduce the energy bill by 50 percent a month.

Owner Darryl Horzempa says he became interested in the project after attending a workshop in January hosted by the GCEDC.

“I’m interested in recycling and things like that, so it was a natural thing to want to help the environment,” Horzempa said.

The total project costs $574,000, partially paid for by state and federal tax credits. The solar array will cover more than 10,000 square feet on the roof.

Horzempa says it will take time to see results

“The array we have is big enough to supply the amount of power we use,” Horzempa said. “We’re not powering the building off of it, though. That power is sent to National Grid and then we get it back from them.”

“We probably won’t know until the first of the year when it’s up and running what it’s actually doing.”

The power generated at Stan’s Harley Davidson is sent to National Grid which then sells back the power at a reduced rate.

The panel installation started last week.

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