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State lawmakers were called back by Governor Paterson for a rare Sunday night

session in Albany to work on the budget but not much work was done.  Both the
Assembly and Senate opened and closed their respective sessions without taking
action.  The move has infuriated Paterson who called it "appalling."  In
response, Paterson is promising to veto more than 500-million dollars in
spending proposed in Legislative budgets unless lawmakers come up with a
contingency plan in the event one-billion dollars in federal Medicaid payments
fall through.  As the state budget crisis continues, lawmakers continue to be at
odds with the Governor on issues like school spending, a property tax cap and
selling wine in grocery stores.  Albany is wrestling with more than nine-billion
dollars in red ink.  Today is the deadline Governor Paterson has imposed on
lawmakers to finally pass the budget.  He warns the government might shutdown if
the Legislature does not take action either on the full budget or his emergency
appropriation bill.





Lieutenant Governor candidate and Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy is promising to
put the needs of Upstate New York on Albany's radar screen.  Speaking to about
300 supporters in Cheektowaga Sunday, Duffy told the crowd that Upstate has to
fight for the things important to it.  It was Duffy's first campaign stop in the
Buffalo area since being named Andrew Cuomo's running mate on the Democratic ticket.  Duffy spoke at the Ukrainian Holy Trinity Orthodox Church community
Power is out in the LeRoy area this morning after a vehicle struck a power pole
at 107 Lake Street in the Village.  No injuries have been reported, but traffic
in the immediate area has been tied off.  National Grid has been called to the
scene and was forced to cut power in order to repair the lines. 2,384 customers
are reported to be without power in the LeRoy area.
The same thing happened on route 63 south of the city near Paul Road yesterday
afternoon when a car struck a power pole knocking down lines.  National Grid was
called to the scene.  Southbound route 63 was closed while tractor trailers
northbound were diverted. 
There was another ammonia leak over the week-end.  This time in nearby
Brockport.  The leak was detected at the Allied Food Plant in Brockport around
8:40 Sunday Morning.  Residents in the area were advised to stay inside and to
keep all windows and doors closed.  The Monroe County haz-mat team, with help
from Brockport firefighers and nearby fire companies was able to stop the leak. 
It was a couple of weeks ago that there was an ammonia leak-in Oakfield. 
A Clarence man is dead after hitting a deer while on his motorcycle.  Police say
53-year-old Stephen Grandillo hit the animal at about 10:30 p.m. Saturday night
on Lapp Road in Clarence.  Investigators say Grandillo was ejected off of the
motorcycle.  He died from his injuries at Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital.
The National Weather Service is investigating whether a tornado blew through
Franklinville Sunday.  Authorities say on Sunday afternoon, a quick moving
severe storm damaged a silo and collapsed a barn.  Trees and power lines also
toppled from the high winds, which the weather service says may have been a
tornado.  Two sets of storms blew through the Southern Tier between five and 8
Six children from the ages one to 13 years of age are dead as the result of a
fire that took place in Fort Edward, north of Albany.  It was confirmed by an
autopsy that all six children died from smoke inhalation.  Firefighters were
called to the scene just before 7 AM Saturday morning and found the house was
engulfed in flames with black smoke pouring out.  Because the flames were so
fierce, it was difficult of crews to get the flames out.  The three that made it
out of the house alive were treated at a burn Unit.  An investigation has
revealed that the fire was not intentional.  But the exact cause is still
New data shows tourism to the Statue of Liberty is up ten-percent in the last
year.  Since the crown has be reopened on Independence Day last year, Lady
Liberty received over 300-thousand additional visitors compared to the previous
year when the crown was closed.  The crown had been closed to visitors following
the terrorists’ attacks on 9/11. 
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