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Merging services is becoming more and more common in rural areas and Genesee County is not exempt. The Towns of Pavilion and LeRoy have entered into a contractual agreement with the Town of Batavia to provide assessment services.

After Town of LeRoy Assessor Tammy Baker left for a job in Livingston County, Supervisor Stephen Barbeau says the Town weighed its options: hire a single assessor – for which they interviewed several qualified candidates – or consolidate.

“It’s a situation where if somebody were to leave or become ill or something like that, LeRoy and Pavilion would not be left in the lurch,” Barbeau said. “Secondly, economically. It made financial sense from our perspective also to enter into the contractual arrangement. We figure we’re going to save in the area of about $2,500 in the first year and of course if this service grows and other town supervisors take a look at this and Batavia’s able to expand its offerings, the per unit costs, so to speak, may actually decrease for each municipality involved.”

Barbeau says he thinks it will be business as usual. The office will be available the same number of hours, just slightly adjusted. There will also be a familiar face at the office with LeRoy native Joe Macaluso assigned there.

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