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UPDATE  2:25PM  by Geoff Redick

The earthquake has also been confirmed by MCEER, a University of Buffalo academic group which studies seismographic data.

Don Gurowski with MCEER says the earthquake was a 5.0 on the Richter Scale. The epicenter occurred near Ottawa, Ontario but was just north in the Canadian province of Quebec.

Below is an image detailing the epicenter and most violent tremblings resulting from the earthquake.

Image courtesy of United States Geological Survey


ORIGINAL REPORT: The National Weather service at Buffalo has confirmed a minor earthquake was felt in Western New York this afternoon.

The trembler occured at approximately 1:45p.m. this afternoon and last about 15-seconds.

Rita Kautz of Attica, who  has lived in this area for all of her 73 years, said it the worst she has ever felt in terms of motion. "This was just a gentle rocking motion, my birdfeeder was swinging in the window," Kautz said.

The Weather Service said the quake was felt in Western and Central New York, and as far away as Albany and the state of Vermont.

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