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For six years in a row, the City of Batavia brought in more money than it spends.
City Council last night reviewed the financial statements from the end of the fiscal year.
The city has ended its most recent year about $1.3-million in the black.
Just seven years ago, the city was running more than $2-million in the red.

Batavia’s Police Station is in a building nearly 150 years old.
The facility is cut up, having been added onto several times over the years, and the cost of upkeep – keeps rising.
The city has set aside about $45,000 to pay for a facility analysis to plot a future for the police station.
The study will look into renovating the existing building which once also served as city hall, moving the PD to a new location or re-visit the idea of moving to Park Rd as part of the Sheriff’s facility.

Two Oakfield men are arrested for trying to boost copper pipe from Home Deport – and they may have gotten away it, if one of the two hadn’t forgot their wallet in the store.
State Police say 52-year-old Roy Hooten and 30-year-old Robert Peachey concocted the copper caper.
Troopers say Hooten districted a store clerk while Peachey walked out with the pipe.
The pair then left the scene.
Police said that’s when Peachey realized he left his wallet in the store – he went back to get it and was collared.

A Wyoming County man has been jailed for allegedly selling imitation drugs to a police informant.
Authorities said the arrest of 23-year-old Charles Muniak of Varysburg caps a six-month investigation of drug sales in the Village of Warsaw.

Texting zones are being added along the New York State Thruway in an effort to deter distracted driving.  Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the initiative yesterday, saying the signs along the highway will reinforce the message that "it can wait."  The texting areas are being established at current service areas and pull offs, including multiple Western New York locations.

Officials in Buffalo confirm that skunks trapped around the city have been brought to a closed-up  police station and shot to death.  Residents of the Old First Ward neighborhood are crying foul.  
They say the smell is unbearable on days when the skunks are shot.  The city says it is seeking a more remote location for the operation. The state Department of Environmental Conservation approves of the skunk shooting.


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