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Rep. Chris Collins says he’s still undecided about U.S. action in Syria, but for him to approve, he says President Obama has a hard task of convincing ahead because there are still many questions.

“Tonight I will be listening very closely to hear justification and it will be a tough sell, let’s put it that way, I think to the American people as well as myself and I’m going to keep an open mind," he said.

Collins' questions include: “What’s our response if three days after the strike (Assad) did another chemical weapons attack? What would we do if Russia shot down our missiles? What would we do if Iran attacked Israel?”

The 27th District Representative spoke to reporters from the Capitol today regarding Syria via phone conference. He says his office got 4,000 responses back from constituents and about 95 percent of them said they opposed U.S. force getting involved.

Collins also says he’s disappointed that Russia has been able to take the lead in driving a resolution

“Clearly today, the stature of Vladimir Putin and Russia has been elevated tremendously just by virtue of starting this dialogue, which could result in elimination of the chemical weapons stockpile.”

He says a lot can change in the situation quickly. President Obama is scheduled to address the nation tonight.

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