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Can a roundabout and lowering the hill make Suicide Corner any safer for drivers?

Officials from the state Department of Transportation are holding a public hearing Thursday to detail proposed safety improvements at the intersection of Route 20 and East Road in the town of Bethany. The roundabout would replace the existing dual stop signs and flashing red light.

Accident statistics since 1998 show 36 total collisions at the intersection, including three fatal.

It starts at 6:30 Thursday at the Bethany Community Center located at 10510 Bethany Center Road.

Construction for the $2.5 million dollar project is scheduled to begin the summer of 2015. Here's more from the DOT:

Highlights of the project design proposed under this alternative include lowering the profile of the hill on Route 20 just west of the intersection as well as building a modern roundabout to replace the existing dual stop signs and flashing red light. A roundabout will require vehicles approaching the intersection from both roads to decrease travel speeds. More information about the safety benefits of roundabouts can be found online at


Accident statistics since 1998 show 36 total collisions including three fatal crashes. The accident pattern shows right angle and sight-distance related collisions, mainly from vehicles entering the intersection from East Road and often times failing to yield. The purpose of the project is to reduce the frequency and severity of crashes at this intersection.


The Draft Design Report is now available for public review. It is a comprehensive document that presents details of the preferred design alternative along with all the required supporting engineering evaluations and environmental studies.  A copy is available for viewing at the BethanyTown Hall or at the DOT Regional Office, located at 1530 Jefferson Road in Henrietta.  Portions of the report are also available on the project Web site at


Construction for this $2.5 million project is scheduled for the summer of 2015.  Under this proposal, traffic would be maintained on Route 20 with construction of a temporary by-pass road. East Road traffic would be detoured.

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