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The Genesee County Airport is getting assistance for two projects in the form of grants totaling $1 million from the Federal Aviation Administration, according to a release from Rep. Chris Collins's Office this afternoon.

The first grant will fund construction to relocate the airport’s apron, or where planes are parked, unloaded, refueled and boarded. That project includes almost 78,000 square feet of new pavement and the reconstruction of existing pavement.

The second grant for $64,000 will provide funding for the design of a new taxiway leading to the T-hanger.

“Supporting local governments with the cost of maintaining, repairing and building critical infrastructure is an appropriate use of federal tax dollars,” Collins said via the news release.  “Local taxpayers send a lot of their hard-earned money to Washington and it is only proper that we get a share of it back to assist with projects that are important to our local communities.”

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