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The Batavia City Council has shelved, for the moment at least, a plan to spend $35,000 build a dumpster enclosure along School St.

The Council defeated the plan Monday night by a vote of 6 to 2.
The majority of council wanted the four businesses that benefit from the dumpster enclosure to pay the 10-thosuand dollar local share of the cost.
The city administration proposed using so-called VLT money to pay the local share.
Ward Four Councilman Pier Cipollone says that’s not the proper use of the VLT money:
"The VLT money will end up in the budget. It will end up in a contingency fund that would offset sidewalk construction, infrastructure improvements which would, in the end, decrease the tax levy. Therefore the taxpayers would get the benefit of the VLT money," not private businesses.
City Manager Jason Molino agreed to try and rework the enclosure to reduce its cost by $10,000 eliminating any direct contribution by either business owners or tax payers.
The measure defeated Monday night also called for spending $30,000 to mill and resurface the parking lot around the proposed dumpster enclosure. 
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