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City of Batavia's Summer in the City event will lead to some road and parking lot closures. It runs from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m, Sat. Aug. 17.

Here are the details:
Closed streets (barricades) at 7:30 am:  Bank, Main, Center, School, Jackson, Court & Jefferson:
-Bank at Alva Place
-Bank at Washington (Close at 1:00pm / Re-Open at 7:30 pm)
-Main at Upton Monument
-Main at Liberty / Summit
-Jackson at Ellicott
-Center at School
-Court at Ellicott / Parking Lot Entrances / Bank Drive-Thru
-Jefferson at Intersection Tonawanda Valley & Wendy’s Parking Lots
-Wendy’s Main Street Entrance 

5 K Race / Walk - Barricades setup at:
Alva Parking Lot (1:00 pm)
Bank & Washington Avenue (at 1:00 pm)  
Main Stage: Will be located in front of Wendy’s / County Building #1 on Main Street facing east. Entertainment: begins at 4:00pm and ends at 9:00pm.
Featured: Terry Buchwald (Elvis) and Hit N Run.

Vendors: Crafters and non-profits & KidsZone will be located on Main, Court & Jefferson.  Food vendors will be on the northside of Main Street from in front of Larry’s Steakhouse west to corner of Main & Jefferson. Commercial vendors will be on the southside of Main Street from corner of Court to Jackson Street.

Super Cruise: Vehicles will be on both sides of Main Street from Jackson Street east to Liberty / Summit. Will be on Jackson, School Center Streets and beginning of Bank Street.

Donny Carroll 5K Race: Start/ Finish line will be at the entrance of Bank of America Drive-Thru. The race starts at 6:15pm and ends finishes by 7:15pm.

Re-open streets at 11:00pm
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