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The City of Batavia has unveiled the most comprehensive economic development plan in its history.
The $260,000 grant funded project focuses on five separate commercial or industrial sites in the city that are prime for re-development.
The site getting the most attention was Batavia City Center, formerly the Genesee County Mall.
The plan calls for demolishing almost a quarter of the concourse along with what is now the Hillcrest building and four other mall properties, and extend Jackson Street across Main St. to Alva Place.
Ward Four City Councilman Pier Cipollone said he didn’t agree with everything but:
"I like the idea that we are doing something. I would prefer to see more retail come into the mall. I really like the idea of opening up the concourse.I would actually like to see the entire concourse opened up and create an open area walkway. I understand the notion of an indoor winter area, but I still thik it would make more sense to just open it up and give all those businesses access from the outside."
The plan drew mixed reviews from the estimated 60 people who attended the public meeting Monday night.
Businesswoman Mary Valle recognized that there have been plans drafted before that collect dust but this time she senses some momentum:
"There have been alot of plans done over the past 15 years and they have been shelved. Now, we are ready to move forward. They are alot of exciting things going on in the county and the city. I do believe the people are ready to support it and more forward."
Other sites selected under the project include the Medical Corridor east of Bank Street, the Della Penna Property along Ellicott Street, the Harvester Center. 
In all, 366 acres of potential new development.
City officials said documents distributed at the meeting would be available Tuesday on the city's website.


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