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The former Village of Corfu Justice indicted along with his daughter who served as his court clerk appeared in Genesee County Court today.

Town of Pembroke Justice Robert Alexander said he was exploring his options for legal counsel. Brandi Watts, who posted her $10,000 bail, said she had secured an attorney.

Alexander has been charged with coercion and official misconduct while Watts faces 61 charges in connection to the alleged theft of $10,000 in court funds. 

Alexander spoke after the brief appearance. He says he cares deeply about Corfu.

“I won’t say anything about the case,” he said. “I will only say that I love the people of Corfu and that I would never do anything as a born-again Christian, as a man serving them that I would never even think of breaking the law in any way, shape or form, and I would certainly never, ever, ever want to bring anything that would hurt those wonderful people I serve for 24 years. We’ll let it play out in court.”

“I had the privilege of serving in the Village of Corfu for 24 years; I grew up there, I love that Village. When I see or hear people on social media or on television or anywhere saying anything about a case...let a case run its course.”

Judge Robert Noonan set a date of August 12 for their next court appearance.

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