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The U.S. House votes down the federal farm bill this afternoon in what is considered an unexpected result.

It came down to a last-minute dispute over work requirements for food-stamp recipients.

Congressman Chris Collins, a member of the House Agriculture Committee, calls it an “unfortunately defeat” for a “critical industry” in the 27th district. He says in a news release that “dysfunction in Washington continues to stand in the way of solving real problems for real Americans.”

Just 24 Democratic lawmakers voted in favor the bill. It would update and advance farm policy for the next five years and cost $940 billion.

Shortly before the vote on the final passage, House lawmakers decided to adopt an amendment from a Florida Congressman that would force many people on food stamps to find work.

The Senate passed their farm bill (not the final product) in June.

The New York Farm Bureau also released a statement on the Farm Bill's failure in the House:

It is with great disappointment that we watched House lawmakers defeat the 2013 Farm Bill. The farmers in this state deserve a reasonable farm policy that has been delayed for far too long.  While there were concerns over certain provisions of the bill, we were hoping its passage and a vigorous debate in conference would reach an appropriate compromise that would provide a fair safety net for the people who produce healthy, local food and the consumers who need help putting it on their dinner tables.  New York Farm Bureau will continue to work hard with the state’s Congressional delegation to do what is right for our farm families.


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